I think I shall miss them… more than I imagined.

I’m happy to aim for best ever. I will always have a soft spot for The X-Files. Even within the genre is it really apples to apples? What’s our story about? I think now, it’s about a woman trying to come to understand herself. This has been Olivia’s journey. In an odd way it’s kind of like a metaphor for puberty. She open’s Pandora’s Box in the first episode. She literally says, “I’ve opened Pandora’s Box”, which is not exactly a subtle Freudian reference. And then we’ve gone for 4 years of her, and with her past life with Fauxlivia [alternative earth’s Olivia], getting to know herself over the course of these 4 years. Well, that’s not The X-Files story at all. I will forever love The X-Files story but that’s a story of lost love and a torn family and a man reconciling himself to loss. Can one possibly be better when they’re not the same thing? I’m happy he thinks we’re almost there, but I’d have a hard time nominating us just yet.

John Noble & Joshua Jackson | Season 3 Gag Reel

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“Which object would you take away with you from the set?”

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Fringe 4.12 | Welcome to Westfield

Fringe 4.12 | Welcome to Westfield

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peter bishop or lincoln lee → asked by anonymous

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