Apparently it’s against the law to chin the Chief Superintendent.

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Mother Watson

that 3rd gif tho



BBC Sherlock meme
scenes - (x) [2/9]

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did your life flash before your eyes?

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Poor John just looks insulted in the background for the rest of this scene.



nonononono the parallels NO

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#Do you guys see the way that Sherlock’s face just falls? #You can literally see how his heart is just shattered inside of his chest #because he thought that he finally had a friend #and he had never had one before so sebastian just didn’t expect it to be true #and you can see his face in the first gif he’s proud to introduce john as his friend because john’s the only friend he’s ever had #and when john says colleague you see him look down because he feels like he’s failed #he feels like John doesn’t think Sherlock’s good enough to be friends with and that he doesn’t want to be seen as his friend in front of other people #and it just breaks my heart

 #And then you see John’s awkwardness #he doesn’t want to be known as Sherlock’s friend because ‘friend’ makes people assume other things #And he his not Sherlock’s date! #But John hates saying he’s not Sherlock’s friend because he knows it hurts Sherlock. #Even at this early stage, he knows and cares. #Really though, John’s just scared. #He can feel himself trusting Sherlock and that terrifies him. #That means he pushed Sherlock away.

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doesn’t it!!

Mycroft/Umbrella OTP

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“Now I’m emotionally compromised and— whoops I’m going to ruin your date by attacking a horde of Chinese smugglers”

Sherlock’s inner monologue